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MVMA Notice of E-Vote: 2020 MVMA Council Election

Members will be voting to fill the expiring veterinary technologist member council position. 

Voters: Practicing Veterinarian Members; Practicing Veterinary Technologist Members
MVMA by-law 2-2-14 specifies that only Practicing Veterinarian Members and Practicing Veterinary Technologist Members are entitled to vote in elections. 

E-Voting Process: Voting will occur via e-voting with the vote to be held from 9 am CST Monday, December 2, 2019 to 4 pm CST Friday, December 6, 2019. Members will receive an electronic notification via email that voting is open. This notification will also include all voting instructions. 


This year, there is one MVMA Veterinary Technologist Council Member seat to be filled.  This seat will become vacant after the MVMA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 7, 2020, as Sara Haddow retires from her MVMA Council position. 

The successful candidate to this position will serve a two-year council term (i.e. February 2020 to February 2022) with an option to renew this term twice (see MVMA By-law 2-2-6). 


  • Rhonda Foote, Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development
  • Melissa Young, St. Vital Veterinary Hospital

For more information and candidate biographies, click here.
Scrutineers: Dr. Suzanne Davidson, Ms. Christy Martens 

Should you wish to vote via paper ballot, or have any questions regarding the e-voting process, or to request hard copies of the documents, please contact:
Andrea Lear, MVMA Executive Director
P: 204 832 1276 ext. 1

For information: Vacant Veterinarian Council Member Seats 

There will be no election for the vacant Veterinarian Council Position (with Dr. Richard Hodges and Dr. Amanda Brown’s retirement from the council after the February 7, 2020 MVMA Annual General Meeting). The MVMA received two nominations for the two vacant seats. The veterinarian council member nominees are: Keri Hudson-Reykdal and Jillian Preston-Gren. The nominees will be acclaimed to the positions.


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